Why Do We Make a Timeline?


We love/hate wedding day timelines. Jourdan loves putting them together because her OCD brain loves to see all the nitty gritty details nice and color coded. But we know that in reality, the big day isn’t going to go minute to minute exactly how we wrote it out. So why do we spend the time to make one?

We make a timeline so that the lines of communication between us and the client, and us and vendors, us and your family, us and your bridal party (and so on) gets opened early and remains open through our planning process and into the rehearsal and wedding day.

We ride the balance of knowing what all is going on and having a plan for the perfect day and knowing that life happens, stuff comes up. People get stuck in traffic, the weather changes, technology may or may not work. We roll with the punches. It’s so that we through the planning process we can ask pertinent questions that come to mind so we aren’t running around clueless on wedding day. It’s so we have a plan and an idea of where we need to be and who we can check in with and how things should be going. It’s not a militaristic minute-to-minute-or-else plan. 

It’s a guideline for the day that we create and send (to vendors, family, bridal party and so on) to use as a tool as we all work in tandem to execute your wedding day.  

It’s so you don’t have to worry about the details because we have already thought of it and have a back up plan. It’s so you don’t have to worry about who is lighting the candles in the centerpieces at the reception. It’s so you don’t have to worry at all; because you have us. Because we want to advocate for you. And being your advocate means we talk about all these things beforehand so your wedding day is as enjoyable and easy breezy as possible.