The  combination of Grace and Truth is what you need to execute a wedding that you will never forget.

Grace and Truth is a Birmingham based wedding planning business whose main goal is to advocate for the Bride and Groom. Ally and Jourdan make an inseparable and incomparable team that promise to execute your big day with excellence. 




Ally has grown up in and around the wedding business! Her mom has been a director for decades so she is no stranger to the work and details that go into making weddings successful and beautiful! A great eye for design is one of the many reasons she brings value to Grace and Truth. She will make sure you get what what you want while being truthful and upfront about the stresses it could add to your big day.  There is no one better you could want by your side!





Jourdan has always been a romantic at heart. Not only does she love the pageantry, she has lots of experience working with a wide variety of vendors, which makes coordination and execution a breeze. With an eye for detail she will ensure nothing gets overlooked. Her tender heart wants to make sure the stresses of wedding planning do not overshadow the joy of your big day.  


Our top priority is getting to know you and your needs. We would love to meet with you and build a quote and give you a recommendation of services for your big day. 

But that is just the beginning. 

Share your vision with us. 

Allow us to be your advocate. 

We will execute your dream wedding!


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